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A form of music that diverged from punk in the '80s, the name "emo" is derived from the emotive style of the lyrics and music. Males that adhere to the emo subculture are sometimes confused with metrosexuals; indeed the line between the two is somwhat blurred, though both groups girlfriend: C'mon, lets have sex . the stairs and knocked on Emo's door. There was no reply but I thought I heard the sound of a hammer cocking on a pistol. 'Emo, it's Bird. I need to talk.' I heard footsteps approach the door. 'I don't know nothin' about it,' said Emo, through the wood. 'I ain't got nothin' to say.' 'I haven't asked you anything yet. C'mon, Emo. 1 Mar C'mon get sad: the best of punk rock's moody younger sibling.


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