Farting shot

farting shot

A layered (not mixed) drink made of Kahlua, Bailey's Irish cream and Crown Royal (in that order, and ideally with just a float of Crown), the Duck Fart is to After a bad day of duck hunting nothing goes down better than a good duck fart. It usually comes in the form of a shot and is poured in the order as written above. 25 Dec The Hippopotamus is a giant in the animal kingdom and hold the dubious title of world's most prolific farter! If farting was a animal olympic event the hippo. DUCK FART SHOT 1 part Coffee Liqueur 1 part Irish Cream 1 part Crown Royal. PREPARATION 1. Pour coffee liqueur into the base of a shot glass before layering on Irish cream. 2. Top with a layer of crown royale. DRINK RESPONSIBLY! Alcohols:coffee liqueur irish cream. Category:creamy layered shot shot. Flavor:coffee. farting shot