Body bound

body bound

24 Nov A -wave resonance in the heavy-light short-range potential establishes the interaction between the two heavy particles. Due to the large ratio of the atomic masses this planar three-body system is perfectly suited for the Born- Oppenheimer approximation which predicts a Coulomb energy spectrum with a. 10 Jun Consider the brand's proposal for spring a beautifully crafted act of rebellion. Channeling the Summer of Love, which this year marks its 50th anniversary, the creative duo of Kim Wilkins and Pliny Champion conjured a collection that was both antiestablishment and grounded. Pieces ranged from structured. See all the looks from the show.

Body bound -

Fine cotton voile and fluid jersey body bound these pieces into easy-to-wear, high performance summer garments. FashionBeans is a trading name of Condom sexy Limited. Constantly reworked and deconstructed, we see it pushed and pulled, cut and re-coloured. Knitwear is similarly geometric and engineered into optic "iridescent" ripples that appear to change colour with the movement of the body, styled with plasticised space trousers with embroidered pockets. The brand uses a punk approach in their design technique to create luxury menswear with a youthful, futuristic offering. Meanwhile, an all-in-one bodysuit is put on a pedestal in the collection. body bound