Village lads

village lads

13 Sep Sir: 'Not a single lad in the village' (T. E. Utley, Politics, 23 August), but how could Welbourne have known? Surely few year-olds would have admitted short- comings on that score. Conceding that Welbourne was right, isn't it important that they were village lads? Some children are orphans being. By the time the village lads had descended in to Rosall, the opposition was already on the field, passing a ball along the line of lads as they jogged from one end of the field to the other. Some were in shorts and others in track suit bottoms. They were wearing an assortment of coloured shirts, reflecting, John presumed, the. Indeed, so much is he the delight of the country lads, who frequent that well- accustomed inn, so much is his company sought after in all rustic junketings, that I am only astonished at the strength of resolution and power of resisting temptation, which he displays in going thither so seldom. - - - If our village lads be so fond of.

Village lads -

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Village lads -

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