Bathroom british

bathroom british

British Bathroom Company, Cheapest Online bathroom specialist, huge Savings on your perfect bathroom. Come and choose your ideal Bathroom. The equivalent would be the word toilet. That is used generally. If the context means that someone is referring to a place that has more than one toilet, for example a school; the word to use would be toilets. 24 Mar I was just wondering what the term for "restroom/bathroom" would be in British- English. I've heard "lavatory", "Water closet (W.C.)", "loo", "washroom", I was just wondering which would be more appropriate to use in reference to a bathroom at one's house (a full bathroom with tub, toilet, sink, etc) Thanks in. bathroom british

: Bathroom british

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8 Jul British English (BrE) American English (AmE) Basin/sink Sink Flannel Wash cloth Shower hat Shower cap Tap Tap/fauc. 24 Mar Your remark on Water Closet is interesting, as I distinctly remember noting while in Italy that every single bathroom/toilet/dunny that I saw had W.C. on the door. I wasn't at all used to it as we don't use it in Australia and I wouldn't have expected a non-English speaking country to use such an out-dated British. 23 Oct This is one of the most important things you need to know how to ask in English. Imagine needing the toilet and unable to ask for directions to one! In the UK (so using British English), people are quite straight forward and will tend to ask. ' Could you tell me where the bathroom is please' 'Where are the.

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In AmE, I perceive it as a kind of faux-bourgeois word, possibly more Southern. Monday, July 08, British English Vs. Actual posh people fit one care, because they're secure in their social status.