Venezuela nipple

venezuela nipple

A breast-shaped hill is a mountain in the shape of a woman's breast. Some such hills are named "Pap", a word for the breast or nipple. Such anthropomorphic geographic features are to be found in different places of the world and in some cultures they were revered as the attributes of the Mother Goddess, such as the Paps. Tools Nippersink Creek (Wis. and Ill.) BT Rivers—Illinois Rivers—Wisconsin Nipple (Anatomy) UF Mammary papilla Nipples (Anatomy) Papilla, Mammary Teat Battle of, Venezuela, UF Niquitao, Battle of (Former headings Niquitas, Battle of, Venezuela, BT Venezuela—History—War of Independence. 29 Jun Slapdash navigation led the great admiral to believe he was cruising uphill towards a point 'like a woman's nipple' where 'the earthly paradise awaited'. It was Venezuela. Contrary to rationalist and nationalist myths, the success of early exploration depended on happy accident, with providence on hand to.

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